February 5, 2019

Redbrick solutions

Martin MacDuff, Managing Director of Redbrick Solutions, spoke to Modern Law about why law firms are choosing Redbrick Solutions as their go to case management provider.

What services and products does Redbrick Solutions offer to law firms?

Redbrick Solutions provide easy to use case management, delivered by experts, to successful law firms. Over 3000 conveyancers use our products every day and about 15% of all conveyancing transactions in the country go through Redbrick Practice Management. Our products are built with flexibility in mind, with workflows that can be customised to suit any legal discipline, as well as custom fields and document population.

How can Redbrick Solutions help a law firm become more efficient and therefore profitable?

Clients choose Redbrick because our product caters for every aspect of the transaction through one, easy to use interface. This removes the need for duplication and risk of errors as well as making the whole process far more efficient.
SDLT, AML, Searches and Land Registry e-DRS submissions are all catered for within Redbrick. We also have numerous integrations with legal accounts providers so we really are a one stop shop for conveyancers.
Clients can share documents via our secure online portal, enabling consumers to review, complete and electronically sign them in their own time. The portal also provides real time updates to consumers, helping the law firm provide a high level of service whilst keeping the consumer in the loop at all times. This saves the law firm a significant amount of time answering queries, as well as the associated costs of printing, postage and storage.

How is Redbrick Solutions making its mark in the Conveyancing sector?

We are proud to be at the forefront of legal technology innovation, having been first to market with a huge number of initiatives including; real-time online case tracking, integrated AML checks, integrated SDLT and the pay per transaction billing model.
We are delighted to have had our expertise recognised by many influential organisations. We are members of the LSSA, the Conveyancing Association and the Bold Legal Group and are recommended by the SLC. In the last 12 months we have won the ‘Leading Expert in Tech’ and ‘Most Innovative Legal Case Management’ awards as well as being shortlisted for an ESTAS Customer Service award.
Redbrick’s unique business model delivers frequent upgrades at no cost to the firm, meaning that they always have the latest and best in technology, keep abreast of regulatory changes and future proof the firm. Additionally, there is no charge for support or maintenance. Progressive, successful firms embrace advancements in technology and utilise them to deliver a better service to their clients.

What are Redbrick Solutions’ plans for 2019?

We have many exciting plans for 2019, with two new releases in the pipeline, both full of new developments. We work very closely with our clients when deciding which innovations to prioritise and feel that this is what really sets us apart from the competition. As one of the fastest growing legal technology companies, we have plans to continue hiring this year in order to meet client demand and ensure we continue to deliver exceptional levels of service. 2018 was a record year for new business for us, but we’re obviously planning on beating it this year!

What are you looking forward to most about the Modern Law Conveyancing Conference 2019?

We are really looking forward to meeting like-minded, progressive law firms interested in utilising the latest in technology to drive efficiency. The Modern Law Conveyancing Conference last year was a fantastic event, which was very well attended and I’m sure the team will be working hard to make sure it is even better this year.