February 5, 2019

Oyez Professional Services

Specialising in creating solutions to overcome the challenges associated with the efficient and compliant completion of legal documents, Oyez Professional Services spoke to Modern Law about the launch of Oyez Gateway, new technologies and the year ahead.


How can Oyez Professional Services help a law firm become more efficient and compliant when completing legal documents?

The beginning of January saw the launch of the Oyez Gateway, this is the first cloud based forms library integrated with the capability to submit forms digitally to various government agencies. Clients can also customise the system to align with their own preferred working processes unique to each department of the practice.

How is Oyez Professional Services utilising technology for its services and products?

The Gateway will cut out the need for law firms to support a forms package as a local application. We have taken this opportunity to upgrade much of the underlying technology while also beginning work with partner case management providers using the latest technologies to create a new API. This will allow us to retain all the existing approaches to mapping while enhancing the service we offer our clients.

What new technologies do you expect to enter the market?

The drive towards more cloud based solutions will give law firms the opportunity to reduce their overall IT footprint while reducing the on-going maintenance workload for existing applications. Government agencies will continue to develop new initiatives, which rely on digital solutions to improve efficiencies while reducing costs.

How can Oyez Professional Services change the way law firms work?

We want to give clients the freedom to access our services anywhere, at any time and on any device. Legal practitioners can rely on Oyez to ensure all their solutions are compliant and up-to-date, negating any need for firms to manage updates themselves. The Gateway has been designed to ensure users can access the latest digital options as newer, more efficient processes are automatically highlighted when users access our content.

What are Oyez Professional Services’ plans for 2019?

Oyez have a strong roadmap of new modules to be released in 2019, including a combined digital submission portal for HMRC SDLT & Land Registry, a data workflow specifically for conveyancing forms and an integrated Speech initiative. These new developments offer strong benefits to our forms library users, creating new ways for firms to be more efficient by reducing the time taken up by the completion of mundane tasks.

What are you looking forward to most about the Modern Law Conveyancing Conference 2019?

The reaction to the new Gateway launch has been very positive and we are very excited to meet with the practitioners and IT professionals who are attending this conference. It allows us to demonstrate how much we can support our users and help future proof their firms in 2019 and beyond. The conference is an opportunity for an exchange of views on the IT challenges facing clients in the year ahead and ensures Oyez clients, new and old, can make the most of recent exciting developments in legal technology.