January 22, 2019

JMC Legal Recruitment

Modern Law spoke to Jason Connolly, Managing Director of JMC Legal Recruitment, about their plans for 2019 and what they can offer the legal sector.

What does JMC Legal Recruitment offer its clients?

At JMC Legal Recruitment, our top priority is focusing on quality, attention to detail and giving both firms and candidates the best service possible. We train our consultants to a very high level, not just on legal, but how to match roles effectively. We feel this is demonstrated by our current 83% CV send to interview ratio. We are currently running at a 2:1, interview to offer ratio, which demonstrates a focus on quality over quantity.
Jason Connolly established JMC Legal Recruitment, he worked for many agencies, building highly successful London desks before starting JMC. He had a track record of placing over five times more candidates a year than the next most successful agent in any of the businesses he worked for. The motivation for starting JMC was to create an agency, which was consistent and a brand which attracts the very best of legal talent.

We feel this consistency is demonstrated in the jobs we advertise, the quality and consistency of adverts. As a team we really get to know our firms, we create campaigns which are exciting and engaging. With us all working to a high standard, we get noticed by good candidates. Interestingly, we receive more placed candidates through our own website than any of the top five paid for legal job boards.

At JMC we also facilitate large Partner level moves, often moving several million pounds at one time between firms. This is a highly complex end of the market and is testament to our consultants’ level of industry knowledge and commercial acumen.

We know that representing companies and clients is an important responsibility and one we do not take lightly. We are selective about the companies we work with, to ensure they align with our high-quality brand. All consultants take the time to get under the skin of the business, to ensure that candidates are not just a technical fit but are a personality and culture match.

What are the key challenges when trying to recruit new talent, and how does JMC Legal Recruitment minimise those hurdles?

It is well-known that the legal sector is a skill short market, especially upwards of the three years PQE level.

We use dozens of different channels to source the best legal talent. The most effective for us is word of mouth, we are a believer that good people tend to know other good people and word of mouth is the best form of advertising. The largest % of our candidates placed is from referrals, and this has been growing every quarter

What are JMC Legal Recruitment’s plans for 2019?

Despite being the new kids on the block, having just celebrated our 2nd Birthday. We are proud that we rank #1 on Google for legal recruitment nationally, without a single penny spent on SEO. We believe this is due to the fantastic reputation we have built, with a focused and passionate team.

What are you looking forward to most about the Modern Law Awards 2019?

We are delighted to be presenting the award of “Paralegal of the year”. We believe in nurturing and growing talent so to be delivering this award is exciting. It will be great to see so many passionate individuals, from seasoned Partners to the aspiring Lawyers of the future.

JMC is shortlisted for the award for Outstanding Commitment to Training, so we are keeping our fingers crossed!
Our top priority is focusing on quality, attention to detail and giving both firms and candidates the best service possible