January 22, 2019

Coal Authority

Speaking to Modern Law Magazine, the Coal Authority set out their plans for 2019 and explain how they can help support conveyancers and the property market.

What are the campaigns and partnerships that the Coal Authority supports

One area of key partnership working for us is that of working with other government departments. We provide expert advice to them on a range of mining related matters including coal and non-coal mining related issues.

We are working with the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs and the Environment Agency on a programme to remediate metal mine water discharge across England. We are also working with Natural Resources Wales on a similar project in Wales.

This year we will be also focusing on enhancing our market leading mining reports including the Coal Authority CON29M, to further improve the format and content, saving conveyancers time interpreting the information.

What challenges are facing the property market, and how can the Coal Authority help support it?

The Coal Authority manages a mining legacy of £4.1billion across the UK, which highlights the significant size of the coalfield areas.

As more development sites come to market in former coal mining areas, we are seeing more complicated mining features on sites which may require a greater level of investigation and remediation. This makes due diligence and proper consideration of issues at an early stage imperative right from the initial purchase or option, right through to development and sale and purchase of the completed development.

The absolute focus of our Commercial Report and Advisory Service is to provide tailored specialist advice and mining report products to support the decision makers in the legal, property and development sectors.

How does the Coal Authority support Conveyancers?

We are continually looking for new ways in which to innovate and strengthen our products and services to the conveyancing sector.

Our support to the industry extends way further than simply purchasing our mining reports. We have unrivalled geographical and geological knowledge of the coalfield and the issues that affect it and whether it is a mining, property or general query we can provide the support you require.

Also, a fundamental part of what we do is about providing learning opportunities, specialist advice and support around the property transaction process. We have access to a number of in house experts including mining surveyors, geologists, surveyors, lawyers, engineers and planners. Helping conveyancers with advice is just part of our everyday way of working at the Coal Authority.

What data does the Coal Authority store and how important is it to the market?

We hold the definitive original digital data sets on coal mining across the UK. We also have a vast archive storage facility that includes a range of mining information such as abandonment plans and property information.

Having one central location for coal mining information is very important for market stability as it gives confidence to the industry that the base data is sound.

It is how we use this data alongside our technical experience which gives the market confidence in dealing with us on coal mining related issues.

What are the Coal Authority’s plans for 2019?

2019 is an exciting year for us. Not only do we celebrate our 25 anniversary, we are also looking to push the boundaries on improving our products and services.

Product development is at the forefront of our work this year. We will be working on some exciting developments to products and services to support the conveyancing and property industries.  We will be prioritising engaging more with the industry, to understand how we can provide speedier support and reduce risks for those carrying out property transactions.

What are you looking forward to most about the Modern Law Awards 2019?

We are delighted to be supporting the Modern Law Awards for the first time in 2019. It’s a great opportunity for us to engage with the industry.

Sponsoring the SUPPORTING THE INDUSTRY 26+ EMPLOYEES is a great way to recognise another company within the industry who shares our own passion for expertise, innovation, and professionalism.

This year we will be also focusing on enhancing our market leading mining reports including the Coal Authority CON29M, to further improve the format and content, saving conveyancers time interpreting the information