January 16, 2019


In partnership with the Bar Council      

Stand out from the crowd with the new self-publishing platform for the Bar

Juriosity is the new name in legal networking and marketing but it stands out for being the only dedicated site for the legal market. It provides a legal knowledge network, professional directory, and self-publishing platform that allows legal professionals and organisations to stand out in their field and gain new clients and business.


The innovative self-publishing platform allows legal professionals to post articles and commentary in order to showcase their expertise to a wide audience of lawyers and potential clients.


With contributions from some of the top chambers in the country, Juriosity allows you to personalise your home feed by following topics, professionals and organisations of interest, ensuring you are always kept up to date with their latest articles.


A basic Juriosity profile is completely free for all legal professionals and organisations and incredibly easy to set up. If you are not one of the 6500 already registered, click here to register your profile.


If you would like to receive any further information or help, please contact the team at info@juriosity.com