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Technology in Law Law Land

Welcome to our brand-new dedicated section – ‘Technology in Law Law Land’. Having partnered with Chrissie Lightfoot (Enterpreneur Lawyer /Naked Lawyer), it’s a real privilege and honour to bring this essential topic front and centre to your attention.

So, what can you expect to see in this fresh and bustling ‘Technology in LawLaw Land’ section? Well, we have a lusciously new approach in mind. At the heart of it you will find timely information, analysis and ideas on this critical subject delivered through an in-depth write-up of a ‘virtual roundtable’, chaired and written by Chrissie Lightfoot, comprising hand-picked LegalTech and LawTech experts and pioneers – a ‘Think-Tank’ of Tech Ambassadors.

We believe it’s time for a much higher level of dialogue on a problem basis and human basis where tech is concerned.

Collaboratively we will discuss and tackle the common denominator problems and issues that we as professionals and consumers face when delivering or procuring legal advice, services or products. Our aim is for you to benefit from the combined intelligence, knowledge, experience and expertise shared through human-focused insightful debate between the LegalTech and LawTech experts who are at the coal face providing tech solutions to a myriad of everyday and complex human problems; currently and in the future.

As Modern Law always strives to deliver a balanced view, we will endeavour to have contributors ranging from established heavyweight ‘long in the tooth’ seasoned stalwarts, to wet behind the gills enthusiastic, energetic and bold mavericks punching above their current start-up bantamweight. As a result, you can be certain the content will inflame many a heated debate (even fisty-cuffs) at the watercooler, in the locker room, in a live boardroom, remote Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting.

It will, of course, be candid. And controversial. Yet cathartic.