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  • Leadership in Law: Embracing change to Succeed – PwC
  • Skills and Attributes required of a Leader – Rosemary Ryan
  • Is M&A on the rise in 2021? – Neville Dinshaw
  • 25 Years of driving change in the legal profession – Black Solicitors Network
  • FORUM – ‘The Big Personal Injury Debate’
  • Women in Leadership in Law – are we there yet? – Christina Blacklaws
  • The importance of striking a work/life balance for your employees – Matthew Kay
  • Technology in Law Law Land – Chrissie Lightfoot
  • Leadership beyond the pandemic – Viv Williams
  • 10 Mins With – Chris Grant

Featured Interview

The straw that broke the camel’s back

Having been the keynote speaker at the 2020 Legal Geek conference and a leading light in the US Legal Market, as I sat down with Boris Feldman, Head of U.S. Technology Practice at Freshfields Bruckhaus...

Boris Feldman