May 13, 2019

Future Lawyer Week - 3 Days of Legal Innovation! 28th-30th May

What is FLW 3.0?

The Future Lawyer Week (FLW) is a 3-day interactive legal innovation event filled with a series of social activities and 2-full day conferences with thought-provoking discussions specifically designed for in-house legal counsels and private practice law firms.

The conference takes place between 28 – 30th of May at etc. venues St. Paul’s. in London, UK.

Tickets –

Take a glimpse at some of our topics:

In-House Day

-How to drive efficiency and run your in-house legal department like a business

-Positive & negative impacts of innovation on corporate legal teams. (Examining the culture, the processes and the results.)

-Your data holds the key to reducing your costs and improved efficiency and productivity. Let us show you how!

-Not another A.I. & machine learning panel… (A who’s who in the world of A.I. & Machine Learning for in-house and exploring what the current solutions are capable of

doing? Real life examples from experts and users.)


Private Practice Day

– The data wizards – How your own data holds the secret to productivity.

– Improving Knowledge Management Through Advanced Legal Search and Research Innovation

– Don’t buy legal tech to impress. Buy to use and improve instead!

(Best practices in utilising and implementing legal innovation within private practice law firms and examples of critical solutions driving efficiency and revenue growth.)

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